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Kara Trott founded Quantum Health because she believed no one should have to go through the healthcare experience alone. People need a partner along the way.

Early in her career, Kara designed research-based consumer intercept strategies for major consumer brands, like Citibank, Ford, Walmart and Coca-Cola. When she turned her focus to healthcare, she immediately saw that the space needed more consumer-centric models that could be used to improve how people experience their healthcare journeys. Quantum Health was the first consumer healthcare navigation company; for over 20 years, Kara has helped the employees of self-insured U.S. companies have a more effective and satisfactory healthcare experience, while also consistently delivering significant cost savings to their employers. Prior to founding Quantum Health, Kara was a corporate attorney with the law firm Bricker & Eckler and a strategic marketing consultant at RPA International, an international consulting firm.

Kara Trott

Kara Trott

President & CEO

Quantum Health

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