Ohio Business Roundtable Supports Gas Tax Increase

Columbus, Ohio-

On behalf of the Ohio Business Roundtable Executive Committee, President and CEO Pat Tiberi released the following statement today in connection with H.B. 62, the biennial transportation budget, now under consideration in the Ohio Senate:

  “The Ohio Business Roundtable supports an increase in the gasoline tax for the purpose of maintaining and improving roads, highways and bridges in Ohio. Clearly the existing tax, last raised in 2005, is insufficient to keep up with inflation in the cost of repairs and construction.  In addition, in order to provide parity, we believe it is important that gasoline and diesel fuel are taxed the same, and alternative vehicles contribute their fair share.

“The Roundtable exists, in part, to ensure that Ohio is economically competitive so that Ohio has a strong business and job climate for the benefit of all its citizens.

 “Roundtable members urge legislators to work diligently to achieve a productive balance between the need on one hand for more funding to ensure a well-maintained transportation system, and on the other hand to assure that Ohio’s taxes, including the gasoline tax, remain competitive with other states to encourage Ohio companies to remain and expand in Ohio, and other companies to bring facilities and jobs to our state.”





Kristen Frissora