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OBRT Announces Opposition to Issue 2

The Ohio Business Roundtable Executive Committee voted in favor of the Ohio Business Roundtable joining the coalition opposing Issue 2, a proposed law on Ohio’s November 7 statewide ballot that would legalize recreational marijuana use and retail sales in Ohio.

Discussion around the decision to oppose Issue 2 was focused on the detrimental impact of legalization on youth, workplace safety, crime, and impaired driving, as evidenced in other states that have legalized recreational use.

In announcing the opposition, Ohio Business Roundtable Chairman Frank Sullivan, Chairman and CEO of RPM International Inc, said,

“Medical marijuana is already readily available in Ohio and an expansion to recreational use would have detrimental impacts on children’s health, community safety, and workforce development. The negative consequences other states have suffered from legalization are clear. Ohio’s economy is on a roll, and we continue to be a prime destination for new job creation, chiefly because of our people. Issue 2 puts Ohioans at risk and the Ohio Business Roundtable opposes its passage.”

This position is consistent with the OBRT’s past stances, as we also opposed the recreational legalization ballot initiative in 2015.

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