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OBRT Emphasizes Energy Competitiveness

Energy is critical to powering current and future economic development projects in our state. Earlier this month, OBRT convened an executive level meeting to discuss the current and future state of Ohio access to energy in the economic development space, with the goal of ensuring that energy is both reliable and affordable.

The current pace of nonrenewable retirements, such as coal and natural gas plants, without sufficient replacement from other sources is starting to place a strain on the system. This strain is beginning to be exacerbated by the electricity demands of AI infrastructure, bitcoin mining, data centers, and more. OBRT is committed to continuing to work with our membership, elected officials, and other leaders to pursue a sustainable model for generations to come.

Additionally, actions such as the federal administration’s recent decision to pause approvals of new liquefied natural gas (LNG) export facilities threaten our state’s pursuit of these policies. This latest hurdle is detailed further in the following article: Biden pauses LNG export approvals after pressure from climate activists | Reuters.


For those new to the energy conversation, the OBRT team created the following one-pager to provide a short, high-level summary of energy generation, transmission, and the current long-term competitiveness initiative.


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