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OBRT Testifies before the Joint Committee on Property Tax

This week, OBRT Director of Government Relations Nikki Cooper joined a business community panel in testifying before the Joint Committee on Property Tax Review and Reform.

OBRT supports policies that will strengthen the state’s economic and workforce development, reduce onerous barriers for businesses, and foster an environment for businesses to invest and grow in Ohio while competing in the global economy. Our testimony urged the Committee to take this into consideration when developing policy recommendations, as well as highlighted Ohio’s level of taxation and the complexity of our tax structure as one of the key challenges to greater economic competitiveness.

OBRT has advocated for the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) program, recognizing that we need to meet the demands of our rapidly growing workforce in parts of the state. Recent increases in interest rates have already placed a large burden on Ohioans, discouraging investment, as has the rising property tax rate. By addressing the property tax component, there is an opportunity to help families and spur economic development in Ohio communities. A policy change will also help provide the housing necessary to meet the demands of our workforce in many parts of our state. You can read our full testimony here.

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