The issues and policies aggressively pursued by the OBRT are member-driven, deriving directly from the expertise and experience of its CEO members.  OBRT members represent the strongest, most successful businesses in every sector, every geographic location of Ohio’s economy – manufacturing, information technology, retail, health care, financial services, logistics, energy, and agribusiness.  Their collective understanding of the challenges and barriers that Ohio businesses face makes the Roundtable uniquely capable of bringing profound, necessary change to Ohio’s business climate.


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Ohio Business Roundtable Priority Issues

Priority Issues

Economic Development  

Economic development is the heart and soul of the Ohio Business Roundtable.  In an increasingly global economy, the Roundtable advocates for policies that make Ohio more competitive, spur development and help job creators grow and succeed in our state.

  • JobsOhio
  • Regulatory Reform
  • Tax Reform
  • Business Development
  • Job Creation


Workforce and education

WorkForce & Education

A skilled workforce is vital to the success of Ohio’s economy.  While Ohio is fortunate to have skilled, productive workers, it is imperative that we better align job training and education to the hiring needs of employers, not only for the jobs currently available, but for the jobs of the future. 

  • Workforce Development, Skill & Training
  • Early Learning
  • K-12 Education
  • Higher Education
  • STEM Education
  • Drug-Free Workplaces

Research / Resources