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Ohio Business Roundtable Hosts Inaugural Ohio CEO Summit

COLUMBUS – Nearly 300 corporate CEOs and business executives from across Ohio heard peer presentations and debated best practices for solving the critical workforce issues that threaten to slow Ohio’s economy during the Ohio CEO Summit.

Paula O’Reilly, Senior Managing Director at Accenture, Doug McCollough, CEO of Color Coded Labs, and Corrine Burger, Managing Director at JPMorgan Chase discuss second chance hiring.

“CEO time is at a premium everywhere, and it is a testament to the emergency nature of workforce issues confronting our businesses that so many CEOs set this day aside to devote entirely to the issue," said Pat Tiberi, President and CEO of the Ohio Business Roundtable, a lead sponsor of the event.

“The health of our Ohio economy depends on the ability of businesses to replace retiring workers, and obtain new workers as companies grow," Tiberi continued. "When that succession chain is broken, it is only a matter of time until the level of economic activity drops. That is what we are working to avoid.”

With an agenda of over 20 presidents and CEO from Ohio's top companies, participants heard a number of speakers address topics ranging from investing in incumbent workforce, to second chance hiring, to fostering the link between business and K-12 education.

The high-powered lineup included Pat Gelsinger, CEO of Intel Corporation, who addressed the audience virtually and took questions from several Ohio CEOs eager to hear about the future of Intel in Ohio.

"Our Ohio project is a magnet project. Not only will we have a large presence, but we will attract major additional development because companies can simply come and take advantage of the infrastructure we have already established, for example, in areas such as green energy," Gelsinger said.

Pat Gelsinger, CEO of Intel Corporation, addresses Ohio CEO Summit virtually.

Strategies shared by other summit speakers included:

  • Increased investment in firms’ existing workforce, including teaching new skills, improved benefits, and positive culture and work environment, all aimed at increasing retention of valuable employees.

  • Fair chance hiring. Results have shown that giving workers previously ruled out because they have criminal records a chance to work, clear their records, and advance in their jobs, is working. Statistics show such workers perform as well or better than other employees.

  • Support for and better coordination with all levels of public and private education to improve job readiness of graduates.

“The conference provided proof of both the focus and determination of Ohio’s private sector employers to work to solve workforce problems,” Tiberi said. "That kind of unanimity points to a positive era ahead for our state.”

You can learn more about the Ohio CEO Summit by visiting

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